The Fascinating Story behind
the Reel Cool Fishing Bottle

The Reel Cool™ Fishing Bottle™ story begins with a trip by our founder, avid fisherman Matt Grimes. While visiting Baja California in search of Blue Marlin, he observed local fishermen using a variety of crudely bundled handlines to catch fish of all sizes.

Shortly thereafter, he led a group of Boy Scouts on a sailing and fishing expedition to the Bahamas, during which the troop caught many fish with spooled handlines while snorkeling. Many of the Scouts were juggling handline spools and other gear, including water bottles, during these efforts. This second handfishing experience led to the Reel Cool Fishing Bottle concept.

Since then, untold hours have gone into the design, testing, and production of these patent pending tools for fishing fans of all ages. We have tested these American-engineered and manufactured bottles in a variety of environments, from Hawaiian coral reefs to northern ice holes. Lighter than a rod and reel, or even a typical water bottle, the convenience of the Fishing Bottle is second to none. Our customers have fished from their backyards, cars, bikes, boats, canoes, kayaks, ATVs, and backpacks - all over the US and Europe. Don't be caught without fishing gear again - get the Reel Cool Fishing Bottle today!