Proud Papa!

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Hopefully we all have opportunities to see our kids grow beyond our own skills and experiences. I had that opportunity this past weekend. I went bow hunting with my 16 year old son, Jacob. He used a deer stand that he and I built, from a design that he created (he wanted to be able to walk completely around a tree from an elevated position). The stand was built at a site that he had selected based upon deer traffic patterns he learned from reviewing photos from trail cameras he had positioned in weeks prior. At 10:00 on Sunday morning Jacob harvested his first deer with a bow. The shot he took was maybe 20 yards and he got a good clean kill on a nice healthy doe. He contacted me by text and I came over to share in his excitement. He then (without my help) field dressed the deer and brought it back to camp where he and a friend hung the deer. Since the air temperature was in the mid-sixties I insisted that the deer be processed in short order to keep it from spoiling. Jacob then skinned the animal and then he "let me" help him quarter and finish processing the meat. We did grill one of the back strips and enjoyed a fresh venison steak luncheon. As we sat down to enjoy the meal, Jacob reached into his pack and pulled out a Fishing Bottle and took a long satisfying drink. When he offered me a swig for helping him, I knew he got it! The student will soon become the teacher.

Keep it Cool my friends!