Norris Lake: the mighty Striper

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What a weekend!  I had an opportunity to join a friend of mine for a weekend of boating on Norris Lake in Tennessee. Fortunately, we were also able to sneak in a morning of serious fishing with a local striper legend, the Honorable Ezell Cox. Ezell (love that name!) was in the Marine Corps during the late 60's thru early 70's and later served as the Mayor of Tazewell, Tennessee. Now retired from normal and not so normal jobs, he part-times as a Striper fishing guide on Norris Lake and other lakes in the area. When I first told him what I wanted to do with the "Fishing Bottle", he was a bit skeptical, expecting me to use the bottle as a jug fisherman would. It didn't take long before he changed his tune as he watched me attempt to battle with the finicky fish. I was using a bottle strung with 30# braided test, a 1 ounce sinker, 3 feet of fluorocarbon leader, and Ezell's favorite bait, gizzard shad. The fish were visible on sonar but we had a tough time getting them to rise from the depths to hit our baits which we had positioned at 35 feet below the surface. In the end we did land two nice fish (pictured is the larger of the two!) and better yet, we convinced a seasoned fishing veteran to try a new way to fight and land the prized Striper! We hope to hear more from Ezell in the near future. (Please note: when using braided line on a Fishing Bottle always wear a glove as the line will cut you if you catch anything of size--including the bottom!)

I also discovered that it is much easier to carry Reel Cool Fishing Bottles than rods and reels when pleasure boating as they don't get in the way of tubes, boards, and skis. Nobody gets concerned when you accidentally step on a Fishing Bottle in the confined space of a pleasure boat but they would if you stepped on a favorite rod! Also, trolling through long stretches of "No Wake Zones" is a lot of fun with the Fishing Bottles. You never know when that prize fish will hit!