Fun Fishing Frenzy

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Good times last Saturday at the Boone County (Kentucky) Fairgrounds! The "Fishing Frenzy" sponsored by Boone County Parks was the official kickoff for the Boone County Fair. It was a free event for kids 15 years old and younger, and boy, did the Parks Department team allow the kids an opportunity for a "reel" good time. This "catch and release" event featured a freshly stocked lake with huge, hungry catfish.  The largest I saw measured about 36 inches long and was landed by a young lady not much longer. She did have the help of her father and she wasn't using a Reel Cool Fishing Bottle--but she could have been! Our purpose out there was to introduce the Bottle to the public by catching a few fish and offering Fishing Bottles as door prizes. Our thanks to the Parks Department and the Fair Board for their willingness to allow us to participate. A notable contact that I made out there was a father who was helping his kids, saw the bottle, and immediately knew he had to have one. It appears the gentleman has a "reel" problem with his job. He is a specialist in power plant maintenance and his job takes him all over the country working on these plants. As he flies from site to site, he can never travel with his fishing gear, but he frequently has fishing opportunities below the massive plants. He says the Fishing Bottles will help him solve his "Reel" problem with work.  We will look forward to hearing of his "Reel" successes!

Reel Cool anytime, anywhere!