Reel Cool takes Iceland!

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Jacob and I have returned from another great trip. The Reel Cool Fishing Bottle performed well in the North Atlantic as we landed several nice Cod fish off of the coast of Reykjavík, Iceland. In fact, of the first 4 fish landed on our party fishing boat, I landed three of them--using the bottle. I was making some of the other patrons grumble that they were using the wrong gear!  I would have let others use the bottle but I hadn't strung more bottles with heavier line. I was using a bottle with 40# test and we were drift fishing in about 80 feet of water using heavy weights and tube lures. Hand-lining larger fish from that depth was an exciting challenge and I did feel it in my shoulders for several days.

One unexpected incidence did occur when I snagged the rocky bottom. Since we were drift fishing from a 50' yacht that was being pushed by the ocean breezes and I was holding the bottle that was attached to the bottom of the ocean, that moment of uncertainty quickly crept over me. I was hoping that the heavy line would part quickly. Otherwise, my options were limited and not too appealing. The line did finally break as it was a tug-of-war I would not have won.

The trip ended much too quickly but we made many new friends as the Captain used a couple of my fish to barbeque for the patrons for our enjoyment during the trip back to port. I had sample bottles for customers and crew to take with them on their future journeys. Since they had seen the bottles successfully used in action they were happy to take them. I had several promises for further contact with many of them.

Here's a picture of one of the Cod caught on the bottle:

Let us know how your Reel Cool adventures are going!