That went well!

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I started the day in a nervous frame of mind. The weather radar showed a 200-mile-wide band of rain approaching rapidly from the west, with a forecast of downpours and T-storms all day long. Great weather for fish; not so hot for a kids' fishing derby! So we loaded up the truck and headed to Kenton County to see what kind of day we would have.

Well, we had a fantastic day! The rain held off all morning. People showed up in droves. Kids caught all kinds of fish, and even a crawdad! A lot of the kids chose to try our Reel Cool Fishing Bottles, and several lucky youngsters took a Fishing Bottle home as a prize. Cincinnati Channel 5's news crew showed up and filmed, then ran a nice segment on the Fishing Bottle as part of the evening news. 

Many thanks to all the kids and parents, our team, and especially to Steve at Kenton County Parks for a great event!!!