Back to the Bahamas with the Boy Scouts

Reel Cool™ Fishing Bottles™ were first conceptualized on a trip to the Bahamas with my son's Boy Scout troop three years ago. We were sailing on a ship named The Ciganka when our group was first introduced to hand-line fishing. Last week we repeated that experience, only this time we were carrying Reel Cool Fishing Bottles. When Admiral Linda (the Captain's wife) and Captain Tom first saw the bottles and heard about their role in its development, they immediately 'got on board' and were supportive of its practical applications. Throughout the week the boys demonstrated success after success, catching a huge variety of ocean fish on the hand-lines. The boys fished from the boat on occasion, and took the bottles with them to numerous promising fishing spots on islands and reefs reachable only by swimming.

When the bottles were not in use they hung from a safety line on the deck of the moving sailboat, along with a bunch of other gear. They were hung by a carabiner through the wrist strap on the bottle. I am happy to report that we did not lose a single bottle nor did any of the wrist straps loosen.

The trip proved to be an outstanding test of the bottles' usefulness, practicality and ruggedness. The Fishing Bottles were beaten up and were in constant motion hanging on the deck of a sailboat that faced blazing sun, high winds, high temperatures, and rough seas including two summer storms in the Abaco Sea. Despite the nonstop wear and tear, the bottles provided refreshment all week long, and most importantly caught many fish! Sometimes it is real cool to be Reel Cool!