Hooking Up with Barracuda in a Kayak: Fishing Bottles and the Florida Keys

Last week I had the fortunate opportunity to take a long weekend in the Florida Keys and do a little fishing with Reel Cool® Fishing Bottles®. This was the first time I have traveled to a fishing destination with every intention to go fishing and did not carry a rod and reel. Life was easy going through airport security. I simply had to prove that my bottles were as empty as my pockets (and shoes) and bingo, I was on the plane, not having to check a bag nor pay any extra fees.  

We flew into Ft. Lauderdale, rented a car and drove on down to the Keys. It was a pleasure not having to go through baggage claim nor having to worry about breaking rod tips. Our first stop was at a gas station that doubled as a bait and tackle store to pick up the most popular artificial baits for trolling and casting. On our first chance to use the bottles was with some rented kayaks fishing in the mangroves. As we explored the mangroves we trolled plugs securing the bottles in the cup holders of the sit-on-top kayaks. This method worked well and we were able to hook up with several small barracuda. 

(No, not them.)

The next time I do this I may try to use some natural baits as we saw some really nice fish that we simply couldn’t coax into hitting our plugs.

It was a thrill sitting in a semi-stable boat hand-line fishing in waters that contained beasts that could eat you. We fished with bottles that were strung with thirty and forty pound monofilament line which proved adequate for our needs. I do recommend wearing a glove on at least one hand as these fish can pull pretty hard and the line can cut you if there is enough muscle on the business end of the line. These bottles are well suited to troll from kayaks, canoes, and wakeboards. On your next trip to the water, bring your Fishing Bottle along and see how you can make your adventure a fishing adventure!