Going Back to the Roots of Reel Cool, part 1

Our team went on a field trip last week to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico - one of the two locations for the birth of the idea for “Fishing Bottles”. Our mission was to catch some fish in the Pacific and get some good videos of extreme fishing. The crew of our first boat looked at us like we were “loco” when we said we planned to catch potential monsters with bottles. However, after a few quick successful catches of Bonita and Spanish Mackerel, the Captain and mate were quick to join in our enthusiasm for using the bottles. We used bottles strung with 30, 40, and 50# monofilament, and also tried braided lines. The monofilament lines were hit 3-to-1 over the braids in the clear waters off Cabo.

After catching plenty of Spanish mackerel, we decided to move to even deeper waters in search of still bigger fish: marlin, tuna, dorado, wahoo and/or yellowfin. It is always hard to leave a hot spot but we had bigger quarry in mind for the bottle experiment. On the new grounds the skipper was sure I was nuts when I told him I wanted to try for a marlin on the bottle but he stated that if we landed one in the traditional manner (rod & reel) he would let us try with the bottle for the second prized fish. It wasn’t long before we hooked up and landed a nice 165-lb marlin with a rod and reel. We were fishing “catch and release”, so we snapped our pictures and moved on, hoping more monsters were still in the area.