Reel Cool Ice Fishing

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A professional fisherman and good friend of mine, Stephen Wood, was so excited about using and demonstrating the Reel Cool Fishing Bottle that he couldn't wait for warmer weather. So after a recent cold spell he decided to try it out with a little ice fishing. Now here in Kentucky, ice fishing is not a common sport as ice is not usually thick enough to support a man's weight. Stephen, being an experienced ice fisherman, was undeterred. He went out to a local pond between Beaver Lick and Sugartit, Kentucky, tested the ice, picked his spot and bored his hole. On his very first drop he was successful at catching a nice bluegill. Fishing was so good he even doubled up with a tandem rig.

Since ice fishing is not common in this area, he soon managed to draw the attention of several of Boone County's finest who were more concerned about his safety out on the ice than they were about the successes he was having with the Reel Cool Fishing Bottle. Despite thorough safely precautions, Stephen was "encouraged" to leave the ice and abandon his "honey hole" all in the call for safety first.

Stephen did leave the ice with a nice catch of winter bluegill for the frying pan and the Boone County Sherriff's Office quit receiving phone calls about a "lunatic" out on the ice. This goes to show that one man's passion is another man's folly. Always fish safely when using Reel Cool Fishing Bottles and always heed the "suggestions" of local Law Enforcement Officers! 

You might enjoy the video of this unusual Kentucky success. Good job Stephen, aka "The Fish Man!"