Reel Cool Deer Hunting in Western Kentucky!

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Last weekend was the opening of deer season (gun) here in Kentucky and I had the opportunity to join one of my closest friends, Billy McGee, for this event in an area renowned for its abundance of large healthy deer. We would be hunting in McGee’s home county of Livingston in Western Kentucky. This is an annual pilgrimage that I have taken for more than 20 years and the adventures are always a little different. McGee is a lawyer from Smithland, KY, and has evolved into quite the hunting guide as the trophies on his walls will attest. Besides the hunting and the fellowship that comes from hanging around the hunting cabin reliving past adventures, this year’s program included a meal provided by the Marshall County Attorney, Jeff Edwards. Edwards competes regionally with his high-tech smoker and he had placed mouth-watering smoked ribs on the menu for Saturday night. 

My plan for the weekend was to bag a trophy with McGee’s help Saturday morning, then go fishing Saturday afternoon to contribute catfish to Edwards' dinner on Saturday night. Well, McGee did his part - I saw trophy quality deer Saturday. Edwards did his part too, preparing trophy quality ribs Saturday night. Sadly,I failed on my end. I did catch a catfish, albeit small and uninspiring (photo not included!). I also failed to take a shot at any of the trophies McGee led me too. Either the shot was too far or the sun was in my eyes (or I was asleep when the deer passed!). Regardless of the excuse, the bottom line was I didn’t come home with any type of wall-hanging trophy. But I did have a “Reel Cool” time thanks to a fine host, Billy McGee, and a talented cook, Marshall County Attorney, Jeff Edwards. Next year I will work harder to pull my own weight and “reel in” that trophy!